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Olive Groves Tagalakis


Named for its high quality, the extra virgin olive oil “Olive groves Tagalakis” contains in its bottle the most generous piece of Messinian land, benefiting from the experience of a family living from oil and for oil, for over 100 years now.

Focusing on quality rather than quantity, Tagalaki’s family selects the fruits of the superior “Koroneiki” variety, and produces with knowledge and care an incomparable olive oil that stands out for its complex aromas, the spicy balanced aftertaste of freshly ground fruit, its golden green color, its low acidity and its beneficial nutritional value.

By the nature of its nutritional treasure, “Olive Groves Tagalakis” raises the bar for quality and earns the value of those who already know how to distinguish and choose the best, while introducing the uninitiated to the joy of being able to recognize the difference between good and excellent.


 While maintaining the quality characteristics of the olive fruits, the extra virgin olive oil “Olive Groves Tagalakis” is produced by methods that respect the tradition, a few hours after harvest, in a cold pressing environment, in modern olive groves at Municipality of Pylos-Nestor.

Controlled at all stages of production in accordance with international safety rules, “Olive Groves Tagalakis” is a selected product of guaranteed quality, which stands out for its value and worth.